Ordering Step-By-Step

Online Hot Lunch Ordering

Hot lunch ordering is online! Deadline to order the first order of hot lunch is October 8 at 11PM.  


Please follow the instructions below to create your account and place your order:

1. In the address bar of your browser screen, enter this website name (NOTE – there is no “www”): hopeprcschool.schoollunchchoice.com This link is also listed on the school website for future use.

2. You will come to a main screen that says “Returning Customers” and “New Customer.”  Select “New Customer” and enter all the requested information and then click “Register.”

3. You will now proceed to a page where you will enter your child(ren)’s information.  On the Home screen, click “Add Student.”

4. Enter child’s first and last names, select “Hope PRC School,” select grade (for split class, the teachers’ names are also in this field for your clarification with which class your child is in), and lastly, enter the teacher's FIRST and last name.  Click “Add Student.”

5. If you have more than 1 student, click “Add Student” and repeat step 4.

6. Next, it’s time to order!  You will order for each child separately.  

(If your child is in Kindergarten and is in the T,Th,F class, you will still order their food for Wednesday hot lunch, we will separate it after you order and give them their hot lunch on Thursday.)

  • Click the “Place Order” tab on the side menu. 

  • Click the child’s name in the blue bar that you are ordering for, this will take you to a weekly calendar. 

  • Click “Next” (slowly, wait for the week to load, or you might miss a week of ordering) through the weekly calendar until you get to the week of hot lunch, it will be 10-14-2020 for the first ordering, then you will see the hot lunch options for the week. 

  • Make your selections for this child, then continue through the weeks until no other lunches are available to order. (In the list of lunch options there are listed two of every type of main food, that is if your child would like, for example, two slices of cheese pizza, then you will click both of the cheese pizza’s listed.)  When you have selected all the food for that child, it will automatically be added to your cart. 

  • Continue this method with all remaining children.  

  • When you are completely done ordering for all your children, click the shopping cart in the top corner. 

7. You will now be at the checkout screen where you can review your entire order.  If you need to make any changes, click on the child’s name in the blue bar, make changes, and click the shopping cart again.  If everything is correct, click “Finalize Order.”

8. You are almost done!  The last step is payment.  Please enter all the requested fields, select “Credit Card Payment.”  Enter the card’s information and click “Submit Order.”  The next screen will give you a summary of your order.  If you would like to have a hard copy of this summary, enter “Ctrl P” to print.  Otherwise, it is located under the My Account tab, on the right hand side under “Order History.”


Cancelation policy:  You may cancel a meal the Monday (by noon) prior to the hot lunch day, and a credit will be added to your account.  Also, if your child is sick on a hot lunch day, you can come to school and pick it up, or have a sibling get it for them. Unfortunately no refunds will be issued.  


All major credit/debit cards are accepted (no American Express payments, please).  Since this is a brand new endeavor, we ask for your patience as we work through possible glitches in the system. If you wish to not pay with a credit card, you must have cash to the school office prior to ordering so you can have a cash balance on your account, to which your order will be applied. If you do not have internet at home, we ask that you find an order “buddy” and ask if they could kindly place your kids orders for you. 


If you happen to forget your password, we were told by Heritage hot lunch committee that resetting it through the system doesn’t work well. So, if this happens to you, contact Kara Kregel and she can reset the password for you. 


The only other thing you will have to do every year is to modify your child(ren)’s information at the beginning of every new school year.  You will have to change their grade and their teacher. This will be something the committee will remind you to do at the beginning of every school year.  Other than that, we ask that you don’t “Modify” anything else, or it will mess up the orders.


If you have any questions or problems with the website you can contact Kara Kregel (616.292.7901) or Pam Moelker (616.723.5875). Thank you!